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When locals seek expansive properties for their families or companies seek commercial real estate for sale in Alaska, they turn to J. Riley Realty. From farms and agricultural land to waterfront properties, fishing lodges to inns, J. Riley Realty has a suitable property for every purpose. Unfortunately, James Riley has passed, and we are saddened to see this wonderful man leave us.


James W. Riley was a beloved husband, brother, and uncle, and he is indeed missed. His wife, brothers, and the myriad of cousins, nieces, and nephews will forever hold Jim’s memory in their hearts. Fortunately, Jim went peacefully, and his legacy lives on through his loved ones and his business.


His love for the outdoors and his family is evident throughout his relationships and his passion for his work. Growing up on S&R Egg Ranch with nine siblings, 11 cousins, and 20,000 chickens, Jim’s love for farm life was evident in his real estate career. He became a real estate agent in 1983 and founded J. Riley Realty in 1987. Over the years, Jim sold countless commercial properties, lodges, farms, hotels,residences, vacant lands, and more. Nearly every type of real estate imaginable made its way from Jim’s hands to happy clients. 


Jim’s business has flourished over the years and withstood the test of time. Fortunately for the Alaska real estate community, the owner/broker of Beloved Alaska Realty, Suzanne Marina Jasso, will be taking over Jim’s business. Suzanne will carry on Jim’s professional legacy with poise, passion, and integrity. 


Having lived in Southeast Alaska for 32 years, Suzanne understands the unique demands of marketing remote properties. She is savvy about online marketing strategies in a realm where drive-bys and walk-throughs are not possible. Suzanne has long admired Jim's work and is prepared and excited to bring her real estate knowledge to the evolving company. She is thoroughly prepared to create captivating, immersive, and eye-catching listings for Alaskan residents’ unique properties. 


Suzanne has a physical presence in Sitka, Alaska, with excellent visitation, and regularly pursues joint listing opportunities with other brokerages to maximize visibility for her clients. Her far-reaching, comprehensive marketing approach will give your property the exposure it needs to get sold swiftly, all while maintaining a personal relationship with your broker. Suzanne’s services include unparalleled attention to detail and client care while saving you the expense of contracting visual/digital media services separately.


To clients and friends of James Riley, Suzanne writes:


“Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself and share the news that my brokerage, Beloved Alaska Realty, has been given the opportunity to carry out Mr. Riley’s vision of having a single, premier source for buying and selling remote properties in Alaska. I want to outline my marketing strategies and communicate how my approach can energize your listings with J. Riley Realty. It is my hope that my vision will resonate with you and inspire you to choose Beloved Alaska Realty as your listing brokerage.”


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I know that hard work, knowledge and dedication are required to earn my client's business, respect, and most importantly their trust. I would be honored to work with you in any real estate dealings.